Different types of wine

Wine is best known as a type of alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or, sometimes, other fermented fruits. Grapes are especially noted for wine making, since their natural chemical balance allows them to ferment without adding any additional acids, sugars, enzymes, water or other nutrients to facilitate the process. Yeast, however, is used to […]

Wine For Beginners: Choosing A Good Wine For A Meal

Wine is probably one of the best known alcoholic beverages out there. It’s primarily made from fermented grapes, though other forms of wine (made from other fruits and berries) exist, too. Grapes are the berry of choice for wine making, since their natural chemical balance allows for easier fermentation when used in conjunction with different […]

The fruits of nature

Grapes harvested in a timeless ritual, vineyards tended with meticulous care. The expertise of centuries in celebration of today. Profound respect for the fruits of nature. The most prominent estate in champagne country: Moet & Chandon. The video says it all. Massive respect for these guys.

Why You Need A Unique IP Address on your web hosting

Everyone has a unique residential address. So, why not have a unique IP address. The interesting thing about that is most people already have an IP address, usually assigned by their Internet provider. Though, they’re not typically unique, since they expire after a certain period of time. If you have a website, you can’t rely […]